1.A bomb calorimeter, or a con

1.A bomb calorimeter, or a constant volume calorimeter, is adevice often used to determine the heat of combustion of fuels andthe energy content of foods. In an experiment, a 0.3807 g sample of1,6-hexanediol (C6H14O2) is burned completely in a bombcalorimeter. The calorimeter is surrounded by 1.139×103 g of water.During the combustion the temperature increases from 25.30 to 27.59°C. The heat capacity of water is 4.184 J g-1°C-1. The heatcapacity of the calorimeter was determined in a previous experimentto be 760.0 J/°C. Assuming that no energy is lost to thesurroundings, calculate the molar heat of combustion of1,6-hexanediol based on these data. C6H14O2(s) + (17/2) O2(g) 7H2O(l) + 6 CO2(g) + Energy Molar Heat of Combustion = ? kJ/mol


Assuming that no energy is lost to thesurrounding. Here we only need the weight of sample,heatcapacity of bomb calorimeter,initial and final temperatures.


mass of 1,6 – hexanediol(C6H14O2) =0.3807g

Molecular weight of 1,6- hexanediol(C6H14O2) = 118g/mol

Tfinal = 27.59

Tinitial = 25.30

Heat Capacity of Calorimeter =

The heat generated in calorimeter is calculated by the formulaas,


Substituting the values,

We know that, heat of reaction i.e, in this case heat ofcombustion is negative of the thermal energygained by calorimeter and its contents through combustionreaction.



Here we want the molar heat of cumbustion.


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