1.(a)How might the fact that p

1.(a)How might the fact that plants do not moveinfluence their ability to adapt to climate change and otherenvironmental changes?

(b)What are the main functions of a seed? Why is it notsurprising that seeds are an excellent source ofnutrients?

(c)Some pollen grains are dry and some are sticky. Whichwould you expect to be carried on wind and which on the body of apollinator? Many people have pollen allergies. Suggest whether dryor sticky pollen would cause more allergies. Why?


Ans 1- Plants can not move that’s a diadvantage for them inorder to protect themselves from climate changes. If there issudden change in the climate for example temperature changes,animals can migrate to other places but plants can’t. Their speciescan become extinct easily if there is no adaptaion adopt bythem.

Ans 2- The main function of seed is to germinate into plants.From a seed a plant is formed. Inside the seed is the embryo plantand usually some sort of nutrition called endosperm. The seedleaves, or cotyledons, can also hold a food supply. The food supplysupports the sprouting seedling until it grows a root and can makeits own food.it is not surprising that seeds are an excellentsource of nutrient, beacuse it contains whole amount of nutrientsin them. Seeds contain all the starting materials necessary todevelop into complex plants. Because of this, they are extremelynutritious. Seeds are great sources of fiber. They also containhealthy monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats and manyimportant vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Ans 3- Dry pollen grains are light in weight so they can easilymove in the air . hence they are carried by air from one plant toother.

Sticky pollen grains sticks to the body of the pollinators. sothe are carried in that way from one flower to other.

Dry pollen grains are the main cause of allergies. because theyare present in air and can easily inhale with air.

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