1)D01 Financial Statement Anal

1)D01 Financial Statement Analysis

Discuss you approach to a sound and meaningful financialstatement analysis. Be detailed and specific as to what you woulddo and what data you would represent. answer mustbe 500 words.

2) D02 Stock Valuation

What are some of the key elements of valuing common stocks? Whatare the most critical and why?answer must be 500 words.

3)Long term Investment and Asset Growth

What are the key considerations used by the CFO in determininghow to finance the firm’s long term investment and asset growth.?answer must be 900 words.


1. Financial statement analysis is a way of determining thefinancial statement data so that the forecast may be made of futureearnings, profitability and the ability to pay the debts of thecompany be it present or any future debts that the company iswilling to pay. For analysis of financial statements variousmethods such as comparative method, ratio analysis, working capitaletc should be used. For financial analysis company’s financialstatements are required.

2. Stock valuation: common stock are the no of equity shares ina company. They are the part of the companies wealth that isdistributed to sifferent shareholders. Equity shareholders are alsoknown as stock holders. Comon stock holders are the owners of thecompany who are entitled to profits in the form of dividend.

3. If the firm has the capability to take the burden ofadditional interest liability, then it should go for debt financingand invest its own fund at better places but if the firm feels thatit will not have enough profits to bear the interest cost, then thefirm should go for internal financing

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