1 Do you believe that all indi


Do you believe that all individuals use probabilitiesconsciously in everyday activities to make decisions? Why or whynot?


Do you believe that statistics can be used to prove either sideof any argument? Why or why not?

400 words each question no plagiarism please.


yes all the individuals use probabilities consiously in everydayactivities to make decisions, Because probability is the chance ofoccuring a favourable case among the number number of cases forexample

Example 1: if it is a rainy season or summer you would prefer totake umbrella along with you by assuming that it may rain or youmay need to walk in sun (eventhough it was not raining or it wasnot too hot before you start from home ) because probability isjust a chance of happening of some event

Example 2: while going out from home you will always carry moremoney than your daily expences with the belief that you may havesome other expences than the dialy expences by assuming theuncertain chance of happening some event which may increase yourexpense

mentioned above are just just few but where ever you need totake decisions where you dont have the mathematical solution or youare not sure of the outcome or the result, just depends on yourassumption or your past experience may come under probabilisticactivities


Answer: yes statistics can be used to prove either side of anyargument, because statistics is the science of numbers or it may bedefined as scince of making decisions based on past situations /experiences or it can be defined as the results / inferences thatcan be made based on historical data / experience when we talkabout the conclusions / the results, those are the either of theconclusions made from any argument

In otherwords any of the statistical inference willdepend on the hypothesis, At the end we have to either reject theNull hypothesis or accept the Null hypothesis which will lead toprove either side of the argument

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