1. Explain how soap works to d

1. Explain how soap works to destroy the coronavirus.

2. It has been widely advertised that people should sing the‘happy birthday’ song twice or the chorus of their favorite songwhile handwashing. What difference would a few quick seconds ofhandwashing make relative to the suggested longer time of 20seconds? Why?

3. Alcohol, the main ingredient in hand sanitizers, binds tolipids and proteins. Most hand sanitizers contain 70% alcohol. Atthis concentration, they are able to destroy viruses. Someindividuals are making homemade versions of hand sanitizer usingvodka and other alcohols, but these homemade versions contain only40% alcohol. Do you think these homemade versions will be effectiveat destroying the virus? Why or why not?

4. Is the term “kill the virus” accurate? How else might youdescribe this?


1) Soap has two sides of molecules : The waterloving (hydrophilic) and fat loving (hydrophobic).

  • Virus is coated with a layer of fats and protein.
  • When we apply soap the fat loving part of soap will attach thefat coat of virus and scrubbing will eventually breakdown thelayer. Thats how the soap kills virus.

2) It takes time to completely breakdown thefat coated membrane of virus. Research had proven that :

  • If a person washes his hand for 5 or 10 sec the breakdown offat coatings will not takes places and the virus will be stillremaing. It can be tested using uv light.
  • While, incase the person washed his hands minimum of 20sec withsoap doesnot show viruses while tested in uv light.
  • That is the reason why it is recommended to wash hands forminimum 20seconds.(It takes around 20sec to sing happy birthday twice)

3) Home version of sanitizer like using vodkaand other alcohols may contain only 40% alcohol which will not helpto kill virus. 60% and above is the recommended alcoholconcentration to kill viruses (by WHO). If goes beyond 85%it will harmful for skin.

  • It is adviced to use soaps rather than hand sanitizers.
  • The action of sanitizer may vary depending on dirt and sweatpresent in your hands.
  • Always use alcohol based sanitizer to kill viruses.

4) Yes , the term ‘kill the virus’ can be usedaccurately. Continuous handwashing using soap or using handsanitizer in case of water not available can kill the virus.

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