1. How have you seen the lands

1. How have you seen the landscape of retail change around you? Inyour immediate community. Have you see openings/closing/changes.Please describe.

2. Have you realized and thought about the connection between yourown and/or your family’s buying behavior and the effects toretail?

3. Are you aware of how promotional marketing techniques -advertising, public relations and sales promotions affectconsumers, as the article suggests? Yes or no, if so why not?

4. Do you agreethat consumers want ads delivered in a meaningfulpractical way that is useful. Would you be receptive?


1. The retail industry was gone though many changes over the twodecades there is a slow change from unauthorised to organisedsector,changes in consumer behaviour it ignored traditionalretailers. It is expecting to strengthen in coming years withpercaptan income raise in population and urbanisation. Raisingmiddle class,retail sector has the capacity to grow economy,metropolitan cities demanding shopping experience replacingtraditional marketing. A retail transformation in lifestyles,luxurybrands,shopping malls,rapidly emerging. 2. Yes,exactly familydefinately influence the consumer behaviour as an important elementof consumption. Basing on family members,composition,demands,asingle decision will come out. They will provide information,fewacts as gate keeper to control theflow,decider,buyer,maintaner,each and every one of the family willtake decision on different purchases.Buying prefarences changesfrom time time to time. Marketer also target families in theirmarketing and advertising campaigns,holida trips,preferances,yourbuying habit influenced by family because of emotionalbondings.3. Yes, marketing stratergies used for influencing consumerbehaviour leads to buying goods. Marketing product communicatingwith consumers emotionally. It can be done by giving promotionalmaterials to attract consumers in the form of joy and surprise. Ifconsumer find easy to solve his problem with a particular productas shown,he change their brand. Marketing always reach consumerschoice. Offering discounts, highlighting the features, showing theresearch will definately attract consumer to buy their goods.4. Majority of consumers wants ads which reflect theirintresets,hobbies,age group,location,country and etc. Advertisinginfluences th marketing of goods. It influences the people to checkthe ad read the content respond and buy the product. Advertising isthe graetest art form of 20th century. Consumer require practicalmessages to maximes the practise and satisfaction but not hope andoptimisiom.It’s challenge to understand consumers hobby,taste,preferences toinfluence by advertising but nowadays more techinques are followingto influence the consumer.

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