1. Many were concerned about t

1. Many were concerned about the operation of the infamous BCCI,the international banking institution. If the government haddesired to probe into the details, would this investigation havecalled for: a) A causal or correlational study? Why? b) Aexploratory, descriptive, or hypothesis‐testing study or caseanalysis? Why? c) A field study, lab experiment, or fieldexperiment? Why? d) A cross‐sectional or longitudinalstudy? Why?


A) The governmant can conduct Casual study if they need to probeinto the details of BCCI (international banking institution). Theinvestigation into an issue or topic that looks at the effect ofone thing or variable on another. explanatory research or casualresearch dealt with the investigation of cause-and-effectrelationship determine causality, it is important to observevariation in the variable assumed to cause the change in the othervariable(s), and then measure the changes in the othervariable.Corrrelation method is not appropriate for the study,because it deals with revealing the cost and effect relationshipbetween two variqables.

B) The explanatory case study focuses on an explanation for aquestion .The primary purpose of the research is to explain whyphenom- ena occur and to predict future occurrences. these arecharacterized by research hypotheses that specify the nature anddirection of the relationships between or among variables beingstudied. Exploratory-descriptive designs, usually field studies innatural settings, provide the least control over variables.Anexploratory case study is usually the precursor to a formal,large-scale research project.it is also known as discriptive andhypothesis testing. Hypothesis testing is used to assess theplausibility of a hypothesis by using sample data.he primarypurpose of the research is to explain why phenom- ena occur and topredict future occurrences.

C) Here field experiment is said to be the best for dataanalysis. Field experiments are studies using the design that occurin a natural setting. Researchers examine how the manipulation ofat least one independent variable leads to a change in a dependentvariable in the context of the natural environment. Fieldexperiments encompass a broad array of experimental designs, eachwith varying degrees of generality. The generality refer to thecontextual similarities between the subjects in the experimentalsample.

D) Cross sectional study can be conducted for resaeching aboutBCCI. it is a type of observational research that analyzes data ofvariables collected at one given point in time across a samplepopulation or a pre-defined subset. cross sectional study is alsoknown as transverse study, or prevalence study . This means thatresearchers record information about their subjects withoutmanipulating the study environment . The benefit of across-sectional study design is that it allows researchers tocompare many different variables at the same time. .thus is used toassess the burden of disease or health needs of a population andare particularly useful in informing the planning and allocation ofhealth resources. the survey may be purely descriptive and used toassess the burden of a particular disease in a definedpopulation.

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