1. The percentage of automobil

1. The percentage of automobile consumers who are under50 years of age decreased approximately linearly from 56.1% in 1990to 51.3​% in 2005.

a. Predict when the percentage will be42​%.

b. Predict the percentage in 2014.


Soln :

We can see that this is a linear model, as the decrease inpercentage of the consumers under 50 years of age changeslinearly.

A linear model is an equation that describes therelation between two quantities that show a constant rate ofchange. The equation has the following form :


It is given that the percentage of automobile consumers under 50years of age dereased linearly from 56.1% in 1990 to 51.3% in2005.

We can see that as the years go by the percentage of consumersunder 50 years of age decreases.

So let x = time in years

          y =Percentage of automobile consumers under 50 years of age in thatrespective year.

Then , When x = 1990 ; y = 56.1

                     x = 2005 ; y = 51.3

Substitute these values into the equation.



(1) – (2) :

Then Substitute A = – 0.32 in (1) :

Then the equation is


Now to predict when the percentage will be 42, substitute y =42




So the percentage will be 42 in the year2034.


Now to predict what the percentage will be in 2014, substitute x= 2014

So in 2014, the percentage of consumers =48.4


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