1/ What is a project? PROJECT

1/ What is a project?
2/ What roles do traditional process management duties ofplanning, organizing, and controlling play in project management,if any?
3/ Why is project management challenging? 4/ Why are projectsimportant?
5/ Why is project management considered an excellent trainingground for future senior executives in many organizations?


1.Project- Project is an incredible opportunity fororganizations and people to accomplish their business andnon-business destinations all the more proficiently throughexecuting change. Projects assist us with desired improvements in asorted out way and with decreased likelihood of failure.Any projectisn’t only an approach to make or accomplish something however it’sa chance to accomplish some ideal outcome by executing ansystematic management approach. An individual or associationinvolved in projects needs to see how to take care of complexity ofissues through project management.

2. Role of Process Management duties of Planning inProject Management:

As, project could typically include internal process improvementand client project, thus, for both kind of project requires enoughresources, Involvement of the project Manager, sponsor along witheffective Process planning, with Effective Process planning, wewill be able to provide correct estimate for time, cost, resourcesand others project constraints, again, with process managementduties of planning, we can include various baseline planes,policies, procedures to perform the project task, for example, letme consider an organization, leader in Food Industry, UFIC is aleading organization and uphold best brand image for servingcustomers with various food Products like Cheese, Butter, Biscuits,Fruits Items, production process of all these food products needrobust planning, the project may include internal processimprovement as end product quality is quite important and MeetingMonthly, Quarterly target for production also anotherchallenge.

Role of Process Management duties of Organizing inProject Management:

With the help of process management duties of Organizing, we canperform effectively stakeholder engagement, map out the entireprocesses, and establish the desired process map, For Example, fora leading food Organization UFIC, Organizing Effort for internalProcess Improvement Project needs Creating proper mapping forentire Food production processes and Machines, Align Manpower toeach Machine and processes accordingly with respect to BaselinePlan, for any shifting from baseline plan, take necessary action,managing entire Work center processes with keeping focus on LeanConcept, create Reward system for the team members, and encouragethem to achieve performance objective, also Organizing Effort wouldfocus on team diversication and engagement activities, which willnurture better organizational culture.

Role of Process Management duties of Controlling inProject Management:

With the help of Process management duties of controlling, wecan go should go with Statistical Process/quality control also lookfor any deviation occurred in system, process, and activities ofpeople, which needs essential care, with controlling effort we canensure that the project goes towards success and meeting itsobjective.

3.Challenges of Project Management:-

  1. Keeping Teams spirit high
  2. Improperly defining the Goals And Objectives
  3. Unacheivable deadlines
  4. Confusion in finding the Right Project Management Software
  5. Lack of sufficient Team Skills
  6. Miscommunication between the level of management
  7. Lack of accountability

4. projects are important because running projects by not havinggood project management is a false economy. It’s often thought tobe an unnecessary burden on the budget, and there’s no doubt it canbe expensive – as much as 30% of the overall project budget.

5. Project management considered an excellent training groundfor future senior executives in many organizations because seniormanagers can profit by better utilization of organization assets,more attention to risk management, better project cost andtimetable assessing and better undertaking observing and control.Leading Project Audits and Health Checks causes senior managers topin point the core purposes behind absence of project achievement,empowering them to quickly set up activities which will improveproject execution.

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