7. The following is an article

7. The following is an article about a young man who died ofplague in 2015. Based on the information provided, you cancorrectly determine that this very unfortunate death was due to______.

DENVER (AP/CBS4) – When a Larimer County teen came down with ahigh fever and muscle aches, his family thought he had the flu. Buthe was dead within days and the rare cause was only revealed later.Taylor Gaes had been infected with the plague, likely by fleas thatput the bacteria directly into his blood stream, making itdifficult to spot in time to stop its spread. The 16-year-old diedJune 8, but the cause was only made public late Friday when healthofficials, at the urging of the boy’s parents, put out a warning tomake sure others who may have visited his family’s rural home nearFort Collins hadn’t been sickened by the fleas that could haveinfected him.

a. bubonic plague

b. primary pneumonic plague

c. septicemic plague

d. secondary pneumonic plague

8. Which of the following is/are beta-lactam drugs? (Choose allcorrect answers.)

sulfa drugs






11. Which, if any, of the following is NOT true ofmethicillin?

a. methicillin inhibits PBP2a (penicillin-binding protein2A)

b. methicillin resembles D-Ala-D-Ala

c. methicillin prevents cross-linking in the peptidogly

d. can All of the above are true of methicillin.


The right answer is ‘b’. primary pneumonic plague, caused bydirect exposure/inhalation of body fluids from the infected animalslike rats, cats or other pet animals. because visitors not infectedby fleas, fleas bite usually causes bubonic plague found out bybubos, bulging of lymph nodes, followed by septicemic plague (bloodfull of yersinia pestis), followed by secondary pneumonic plaguebecause septicemic blood enters lungs

8. Penicillin and cephalosporins are beta-lactam drugs having a-C-C-C=O – N- ring structure, interfere/disturb gram +ve bacterialcell wall synthesis

11. Answer ‘a’ is not true rest of the answers are true.methicillin cannot inhibits PBP2a (penicillin-binding protein 2A).All beta-lactam antibiotics including methicillin inhibit PencillinBinding Proteins, activity of PBPs is essential for bacterialsurvival, they are desirable targets of antibiotics, specificallyby ?-lactams. In gram +ve bacteria there exist four native PBPs:PBP1, PBP2, PBP3, and PBP4. Whereas, PBP2a is a uniquetranspeptidase enzyme that is acquired by methicillin resistantbacteria that is not inhibited well by ?-lactam antibiotics. Hence,it is able to continue peptidoglycan crosslinking, when other PBPswith transpeptidase activity are inhibited.

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