A car being driven by a cyber

A car being driven by a cyber school physics student is movingwith a velocity of 100 km/hr. As the car comes over the hill thestudent notices a train crossing the highway 0.4 km in front ofhim. If he immediately applies the brakes which can give the car adeceleration of 1.0 m/s2, determine whether or not a collision willoccur. Explain and show all calculations!


here, we have to first find the distance travelled bythe car after applying the brake and then finally compare that withthe distance of the train crossing from the car at the instant ofapplying the brake. If the distance of the car travelled afterapplying the brake is smaller than the distance of the traincrosiing and car at the instant of applying the brake then thecollision will not take place otherwise, there will becollision.

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