A marketing analyst for a comp

A marketing analyst for a company which distributesdecaffeinated coffee claims that the proportion of coffee drinkerswho drink just decaffeinated coffee is greater than 0.2. A randomsample of 1000 coffee drinkers contained 190 that drink justdecaffeinated coffee. Does this sample provide sufficient evidenceto refute the company’s claim? Use the p-value approach and levelof significance 0.10.


Ho: p = 0.2

Ha: p > 0.2 [Right Tailed test]

Sample proportion = 190/1000 = 0.190

Test statistic

z = -0.79

p – Value = P(z > -0.79) = 0.7854

Since p – value is greater than 0.10, we do not reject Ho.Hence,

We do not have sufficient evidence to conclude that theproportion of coffee drinkers who drink just decaffeinated coffeeis greater than 0.2.

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