a)parents who are considering

a)parents who are considering whether to have their 3-month-olddaughter Samantha’s vision disorder corrected. Samantha’s disorder,which can be completely corrected only through surgery, involves anuneven curvature of the lens of each eyeball. Unless the problem iscorrected, Samantha’s vision will forever be slightly out of focusin both eyes, even if she wears corrective eyeglasses or contactlens.

b) hearing parents who are considering whether to have earsurgery conducted to their 1-year-old son Steve. Steve is borndeaf. With cochlear implant, Steve will be able to learn orallanguage, hearing and communicating effectively with his parentsand other people.

The parents, who are understandably concerned about the dangersof performing any operation on so young a child, have severalquestions:

(1) Is there any evidence that our child’svision problem or hearing problem should be corrected sooner ratherthan later in life? Why not wait until Samantha or Steve is olderto correct the problem?

(2) If we choose not to have the surgeryperformed now, will Samantha’s and Steve’s physical development(e.g., development of gross motor skills and fine motor skills) lagbehind that of other children?

(3) What about Samantha’s and Steve’s cognitiveand social development? Could the visual problem or hearing problemaffect these areas of her/his life?

Discuss the above three questions (reference allwebsites and sources).


1)Yes,  child’s visionproblem or hearing problem should be corrected sooner rather thanlater in life.It is not wiser to wait until samantha and steve areolder as as this might lead to serious  eye /earconditions which could have far-reaching and long-lastingconsequences such as complete loss of vision or complete loss ofhearing.It has been reported that if treatment is done early as asbefore 6 months of age ,then the serious outcomes could beprevented.

2)Yes,Samantha’s and Steve’sphysical development (e.g., development of gross motor skills andfine motor skills) will lag behind that of other children.Fine andgross motor skills include the ability in children to use theirsmall muscles (i.e fine motor)in particular their hands to doactivities like holding something etc and large muscles (i.e grossmotor) in the body to walk,jump etc. When their is no coordinationbetween eye,ear and brain due to poor eye vision,this leads toimpairment of the fine and gross motor skills.

3.Samantha’s and Steve’s cognitiveand social development would be affected and the  visualproblem or hearing problem would be responsible forthis.Development of a child depends on his cognitive and socialdevelopment that occurs through his thinking skills,social andemotional skills speech and language skills ,fine and gross motorskills with the help of eye,ear and brain cordination and this isaffected when there is ear and eye defect that is not treated at anearly age.It has also been reported that hearing loss at an earlyage could affect the child’s process of learning a language.Experts believe that the process of learning begins during thefirst months of life and if hearing problems are diagnosed andtreated early, babies could avoid problems associated with languageand speech development).Eye vision loss at an early age would causelearning impairment.


Reference:(Article :Vision and Hearing Screening Services forChildren and Adolescents)

(Article :Help for Parents of Children With Hearing Loss)

(Article:What You Need to Know About Developmental Delays :ByAmanda Morin)

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