A small blockage in one of the

A small blockage in one of the pulmonary capillaries results ina ventilation-perfusion inequality. The inequality leads to_________ in the affected alveoli, which results in the homeostaticresponse of __________ .

a) low PCO2; local bronchoconstriction

b) low PCO2; local vasoconstriction

c) low H+; increased alveolar ventilation

d) low PO2; local vasoconstriction

e) low PO2; local bronchoconstriction


Ans D

Low pO2 and local vasoconstriction.

Normally the v/q ratio is 4/5 or 0.8 . This means litres ofoxygen paas through lungs each minute and 5 litre of blood passthrough lungs each minute.

Any obstruction or blockage will cause insufficient ventilationhence decreasing the partial pressure of oxygen in blood alsocausing local vasoconstriction

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