ABG analysis William is a newl

ABG analysis

William is a newly graduated LPN. He will begin working on arespiratory nursing unit. During his orientation, he will reviewthe results of ABG’s. He will be given 5 sets to practice ABGinterpretation. William must determine acid-base balance, anddecide whether each client is hypoxic.

B. pH 7.48 PaCO2   44mmHg   HCO3  30mEq/L    SaO2 88%     PaO2 70mmHg


ABG is Arterial Blood Gas test that measures amount of oxygenand carbondioxide in the blood and it can be used to analysis thepH of blood. Any change in balance of oxygen, carbondioxideconcentration and pH Of blood indicates a medical condition or anydiseased condition.

Arterial blood pH , normal value= 7.38 to 7.42

Here given as 7.48 , and it is slightly increased level , itindicates the blood is more basic and has a higher bicarbonatelevel.

Partial pressure of carbondioxide , normal value = 38 to 42mmHg

Here given value is 44mmHg, that is higher than normal .

Bicarbonates , normal value = 22 to 28 mEq/L

Given value is 30 mEq/L ,that is also showing as increased.

Oxygen saturation , normal value = 94 to 100 %

Given value is 88% , that is lower than the normal value

Partial pressure of oxygen , normal value is 75 to 100 mmHg

Given value is 70 mm Hg, it is also decreased value.

This patient has a condition known as metabolic alkalosis, itcan be due to chronic vomiting, hypovolemia, diuretic use and lowblood pottassium. The patient with metabolic alkalosis manifestscompensatory hyperventilation. That can cause hypoxia andhypercapnia. So this patient must be hypoxic

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