Address the structural charact

Address the structural characteristics of storage carbohydratesand structural carbohydrates. In 5 sentences Why are most animalsthat can readily digest starch unable to digest cellulose? In youranswer, please make sure you comprehensively describe thestructural details of storage and structural carbohydrates.


The carbohydrate is the primary and essential element which isused for the enery production,so the most important organs andsystems stores large amount of carbohydrates.

1. The structural characteristics of storage crbohydrate andstructural carbohydrates:

  • The carbohydrate is the most siimplest form of sugar it isconstitute of carbon,hydrogen & oxygen in its structure.
  • The carbohydrates are hydrolysied and bondeed together and theforms a polysaccharide chain (glycogen) which is a more compactstructure.
  • The structure of the polysaccharide holds glucose monomerswhich are joined by -1,4 &  -1,6glycosidic bonds.
  • This glycogen chain is breakdown by the glycogenolysis.
  • The polysaccharide bonds contains energy,so when the enzymesbreak the bonds thee eneergy is released.

2. The cellulose is more hard and complex to digest than thestarch because the cellulose bond structure is very difficult tobreak and human does not have the efficient enzymes which can notbreak the celluslose.The cellulose contains more fibers than thestarch. The starch, all of the glucose repeat units are oriented inthe equal direction. But in cellulose, every succesive glucose unitis rotated a hundred and eighty tiers around the axis of thepolymer backbone chain, relative to the ultimate repeat unit.

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