B. With a critical analysis of

B. With a critical analysis of the micro environmentalforces which are forces close to thecompany that affects its ability to serve its customers; all thosefactors that are closelyassociated with the operations of the business and influences itsfunctioning includingsuppliers, customers, marketing intermediaries, competitors andpublics; discuss theeffects of COVID-19 on Five (5) micro environmental forces withinthe financialservice sector in Ghana today.


Covid 19 effected all sector of economy all over the world ondifferent extent. Ghana countries value chain,s micro environmentalfactors also effected by this.

Supply of raw material as well as final goods also affected astransportation and work force are affected by social distancing andlockdown .

Customer also demanded less for finance during pandemic lockdown and social distancing scenerio as all investment opportunitiesare badly affected.

Market intermediaries also affected as all value chain isstopped or working at very low level of production. Marketintermediaries are advertiser, broker, mutual funds, insurancecompany, pendion intermediaries,stockhist etc.

Competition also affected badly as big financial company cansurvive in such situation ,where small financial company are notprofitable as profit earning opportunities are at lowest.

Publics also demanding less for investment as uncertainty aboutfuture market of investment and it’s return pattern due toeconomies are entering into recession and people prefer more toinvest in gold, government bonds etc ,rather then in financialsystem like banks ,mutual funds, insurance etc.

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