Chapter 1, Introduction to Psy

Chapter 1, Introduction to Psychiatric–Mental Health Nursing

1. After learning about mental illnesses in class, a classmateexpresses her fear of developing a mental illness. She says to you,“I see a little bit of myself in every mental illness diagnosis wetalk about. I am so afraid I may develop one of these diseases oneday.”

a. What are the elements of mental health? In what way do youmeet these elements?

b.What are the influences on mental health? Which mental healthinfluences can be controlled and which ones cannot?


2. Jane, a 43-year-old mother of two, was admitted to a mentalhealth facility after a suicide attempt and was diagnosed withsevere depression. After several weeks of antidepressant therapy,Jane’s mood greatly improved. Jane’s friend, who was unaware of hersuicide attempt and diagnosis, noticed the difference in Jane. Whenasked about what caused the difference in her mood, Jane said shewas just feeling a little down but she was feeling better now. Janewas ashamed to tell her friend about her suicide attempt and hermental health diagnosis.

a. What are the similarities and differences associated with thestigma of a physical illness and that of mental illness?

b. What stigmas about those with mental health conditions existin society?


3. Sarah has been working the past 5 years on a telemetry unit.After several experiences with patients suffering from mentalhealth conditions, Sarah becomes interested in mental healthnursing and is considering looking for a job as a psychiatricnurse.

a.Describe the levels of practice for the psychiatric–mentalhealth nurse.

b. Discuss the guiding principles or beliefs on whichpsychiatric–mental health nursing is built.

4. Your instructor mentions Mental Health: A Report of theSurgeon General in class. You are curious and decide to read thereport at:  Theinstructor asks you to share your findings with the class.

a.How does stigma affect individuals with mental illness? Howcan nurses seek to combat stigma in mental health care?

b. What are the risk factors in children, adults, and olderadults that increase the development of a mental illness?

c.What issues associated with confidentiality does the reportreveal? What do you believe could be done about these issues?



1,a, mental health elements associated for students low socialand emotional skills, mental, emotional and behavioral health..children and adolescents are facing more experience with mentalhealth issues during their school age period..They are emotionallyand mentally engaged it makes them to violence,to abuse alcohol,tobacco and other drugs..self-esteem , feeling loved, confidence,family breakup, difficult behaviour, physical illness,abuse are theother elements causing mental illness..

B, Students are having diagnosable illness,they seek forhelp,overwhelmed by their responsibility, anxious they arestruggling in school..never make a situation worst, depression isone of the reason among students it make issues if it interfere with their life like working, studying,sleeping and eating difficulty.classroom teacher need to takeresponsibility by understanding of their illness with strategies toaddress some of the underlying issues in the classroom..someproblems with students can be treatable by handling their day today demand, unexpected problems, relationship and anxiety it makethem self harm if we involve too much to treat mentalillness must be handled carefully as per their level and causes ofmental status..

2, a, similarities: poor mental health always affect physicalhealth, people with self rated distress mostly died from cancer..depression found to be link with risk of coronary heart disease..schizophrenia is associated with heart and respiratorydisease..This is due to mental health condition always receivephysical illness..Physical activity, good nutrition promote mentalwellbeing, smoking has a negative impact on both mental andphysical wellbeing..


But sometimes these both illness are not same.. mental illnessis a disease of mind.. physical illness is based on physical bodylike injury, disease,sickness, mental illness caused by manyfactors like heridity,stress,hyper active disorders, abusivebehaviour and some brain defects, infection etc.. physical illnesscaused by bacteria or other kind of if someonedepression, anxious it is based upon their mental illness may causephysical harm to themselves..

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