Consider the models you made f

Consider the models you made for two compounds that have theformula C4H10O. Are there other isomers with this formula besidesthe ones you explored in the procedure? Would they have the same ordifferent functional groups? Draw structures to provide examples.You do not have to name these compounds.


Here we shall draw all the possible isomers for thestructure . Now, if we first determine its double bondequivalent(DBE), we can get to know whether the compounds will haveany double bond and/or ring in their structures.

So, The DBE of = .

As the formula has a DBE =0, it will not contain any doublebond/ring! Now, the compounds with thisformula can be either an ether or an alcohol as both the class ofcompounds have similar general skeletal formula i.e. . So we have to draw four carbon alcohols and fourcarbon ethers for the molecule as below-

[NOTE- The two structural isomers you’ve drawn of this compoundmust be among the above 7 structures.]

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