Consider the reactor system sh

Consider the reactor system shown below. The reaction isexothermic so a cooling system is provided to remove the excessenergy of the reaction. In the event that the cooling function islost, the temperature of the reactor would increase. This wouldlead to an increase in reaction rate, leading to an additionalenergy release. The result would be a runaway reaction withpressures exceeding the bursting pressure level of the reactorvessel. The temperature within the reactor is measured and is usedto control the cooling water flow rate by a valve. Perform a HAZOPstudy on this unit to improve the safety of the process. Use as astudy node the cooling coil (process parameters: flow andtemperature) and the stirrer (process parameters: agitation)



Given system

exothermic reaction in reactor cooling is provided to removeexcess energy

possible hazard is well described in problem statement

as we are asked to do Hazop study we need to follow guidelinesof HAZOP

we need to follow this sequence for Hazop

  • What is cause of accident Or what are the conditions that havepotential of hazard
  • what is Or will be the consequences of accident?
  • what all we can to prevent those thing to first place?
  • what other accidents can happen in system ?
  • To make sure that solution for problem one will not causeanother problem in system.
  • can we be prepared before accident occur?

after doing HAZOP on this system we will get to know all aboutunit improvement & safety of the Process.

We can install alarm systems with controller If any reakdownoccur in controller we will get notify before any hazard.

We need make sure about proper agitation as it directly affectsthe rate of heat transfer

In this process we have many parameters like

flow rate of feed ,temp of feed , rate of agitation

In cooling rate of coolent & temp of coolant .

we use controller for flowrate of coolent as per temp in systemwe can also install one more controller if temperature risescertain limit feed walve can be closed automatically or if alarmedit can be done manually.

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