Cosmopolitan magazine (Cosmo a

Cosmopolitan magazine (Cosmo as it’s popularly known) publishesmany of it’s well-known quizzes on its Web site. One quiz is titled”Are You Obsessed with Appearances?” Consider whether you want touse the quiz data to determine how obsessed women are with theirappearance.(1) Describe the typical person who might respond tothis quiz.(2) Indicate the danger of relying on volunteer samplesin general.


Now out of the whole wide world full of people, only a tinyfraction must read the Cosmopolitan magazine, and out of that tinyfraction of people, even a smaller amount of people will take thatquiz. Also Cosmopolitan magazine, since 1965 has been classified asa woman’s magazine and so its fair to assume that mostly womanwould be reading it. So we would not ideally rely on the dataprovided by this particular quiz to to determine how obsessed womenare with their appearance as it may not provide a truly diversesample covering all woman belonging to different religions, incomegroups and ethnicity.

(1) The general trend of the people who would take this type ofquiz would include women who are regular visitors of thiswebsite(again a small population as some woman would only prefer toread the magazine only) and this group may include teenage girls,cosmetic companies and women in the beauty industry, working women,men who would like to just take the poll for fun etc. But mostlythis quiz should be taken by women who are in a younger agegroup(high school or college).

(2) The dangers on relying on volunteer samples in general isthat it may not provide a truly diverse sample covering all womanbelonging to different religions, income groups and ethnicity. Alsomen are excluded from this quiz mostly. So we are not able tocapture a truly random sample, making the poll very biased towardsa particular outcome. This is a type of selection error in whichpeople self select themselves in the study, only those who areinterested would apply leading to unreliable results which cannotbe counted upon.

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