Current Event Updates: Sources

Current Event Updates: Sourcesmust be recent; they cannot come from sources dated prior toJanuary 1, 2019. Current event submittals must be on topics/issuesspecifically related to business policy and strategy. Current eventupdates must come from the following source: business/professionalmagazine/journal/publication

Format for submitting currentevents:

  • Title ofArticle
  • Name ofNewspaper/Website/Publication/Program
  • Date ofPublication/Date Program Televised
  • Author/Presenter/Interviewer/Website RetrievedFrom
  • Main PointRaised
  • Summary/Overview/Highlights
  • Relate how thearticle pertains to the topic of business policy andstrategy
  • Conclusion –impact on business policy and strategy (focus on such things asagree/disagree/more questions/is the problem solved/governmentshould intervene, your suggestions for a solution)


Article link:

Article title: India’s Curbs on Amazon and Flipkart AddressConcerns, But Still Lack Clarity: The Centre’s FDI policy changesmay be a case of all the right moves in all the wrong places.

Date: 7th February 2019.

The Wire: Business section:Author:Divij Joshi

Main points: This article talks about Indian government puttingrestrictions on online sellers like Amazon and flipkart in India.These platforms can no longer sell products produced by companiesit is related to or has control over. Indian government accusedthese online sellers of prioritizing its own goods or services overthose of a competitor.

Summary: This is very simple article in which Amazon andFlipkart are accused of not being ‘neutral’ when they act asintermediary between seller and customer. They use their marketpower to sell affiliated or own brands and hence are killing smallretailers in India through price and delivery competition. Indiangovernment is mandating to stop this. However wordings of thisdecision by Indian government is not very clear and onlineretailers may find loopholes into it,

Conclusion: Amazon and Flikart will have to come up with a newstrategy to deal with this as Indian government has barred them inselling own brands giving reference of FDI act.

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