David is a 16-year-old African

David is a 16-year-old African-American who lives in the innerarea of Boston. He presents to the family nurse practice clinicthat is located in Boston with symptoms of asthma. When hepresents, he has difficulty breathing, slightly, and seems quietand withdrawn. His mother does attend the visit with him. So it isrevealed to you that David has been doing poorly in school. Infact, the mother states, “You might have to repeat ninth grade thisyear. And you’d better get better, because you’re going to have tobe out of my house.” David merely shrugs when you ask him aboutthis. David does share that he plans to spend the summer with hisfather in North Carolina. And he does imply that he has arelationship with his grandmother who lives in North Carolina.Unfortunately, David’s father has a history of alcoholism anddepression.

please answer questions

There are many factors within that family that are stressors. Somy question to you, online student, is, what aspects, what factorsculturally would you want to explore with David about David’sfamily? Furthermore, what strategies would you implement tofacilitate David’s normal development, given the many challengesthat he has?


Cultural factors i would like to explore about david’sfamily:

Individual level- ethnic identity, IQ of patient, psycho-socialcompetence, positive attitude, how the family view the illnessetc

Family and cultural level- family beliefs, behaviours,charactreistics, health risk behaviours, family context of illnessetc

Illness specific level- adherence to treatment, self efficacy,exacerbations etc

Environmental level- Pets, exposure to tobacco, smoke, airpollutants, attending day care etc

Early life respiratory infections- RSV,HRV, maternal nutritionduring pregnancy etc

strategies to develop normal development in asthma :

Help them to identify the manifestations of asthma

Educate them how to handle the situation in case of an attackand how to manage or when to seek medical aid

Educate them regarding triggers for asthma attack and how toprevent them

Making them physically active inspite of physicalrestrictions

Self management programs for asthma children

Exercise management activities

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