Describe the process of transl

Describe the process of translation. Be sure to include the EPAsites, codons, tRNA, and the ribosomal subunits in yourdescription. Do you think this is the most efficient way ofcreating a protein?


Translation is a universal process in biology where a proteinformed of amino acids is made by using messenger Ribonucleic acid(mRNA) to dictate the order of amino acids. Followingtranscription, an mRNA strand leaves the nucleus and enters thecytoplasm via the nuclear pore. Here it is recognized and becomesattached to biological structures called ribosomes forming a’polysome’. Each ribosome attached to an mRNA strand will create aseparate polypeptide. The bases are read in non-overlapping 3s (acodon) by the ribosome. This is the ‘triplet code’. Once mRNA hasbecome attached the start codon is held in the peptidyl (P) siteand the next codon in the aminoacyl (A) site. There is also an exit(E) site located on the other side of the P site. Synthesis occursin a 5′ to 3′ direction of mRNA.For amino acids to attach they arefirst conjugated (bonded) to a specific transfer RNA (tRNA), eachtRNA has an anticodon which is complementary to a codon in themRNA. The tRNA and mRNA are matched by codon to anticodon hydrogenbonding. This causes the conjugated amino acid to be positioned soit can be bonded to the previous amino acid by a peptide bond. Thestart codon, thus the first amino acid in a peptide is usuallymethionine.

Yes, you can opt this as the best way to create protein. Mostgenes contain the information needed to make functional moleculescalled proteins. The journey from gene to proteinis complex and tightly controlled within each cell. It consists oftwo major steps: transcription and translation

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