Design a formulation for each

Design a formulation for each of the followingemulsions.

Name the ingredients, specify the role fo each one,calculate required HLB and ratio of emulsifying agents in eachformulation.

A- local emulsion of collagen with hydration effect

B- parenteral emulsion of propofol


Emulsion used to make medicine more palatable to improveeffectiveness by controlling dosage of active ingredients and toprovide improved aesthetics for drugs such as ointments.

A. Different topical oil in water emulsions based on naturalingredients such as collagen hydrolysate vegetables oil mixtures.Ingredients are in oil phase : mixture of coconut,almond,avocadooil

In water phase : levender oil. Plant based products containingglycerol stearate and potassium stearate was Incorporatedconcentration rage is 4 to 5% and modifier xanthan gum was used in0.2 to 1% .

B.Parenteral emulsion of propofol:propofol is a highlylipophilic anesthetic (2,6-disopripylphenol) Preparation is madewith ingredients:

1% propofol . 10%Soyabean oil. 1.2 %purified egg phospholipid asan emulsifier with 2.25%glycerol as a tonicity adjusting agent andsodium hydroxide to adjust the PH.

Uses: Soyabean oil hold the bulk of the propofol in medium thatcan be stabilized and dispersed.Lecithin servers as an emulsifierto stabilize the Small propofol .Soyabean oil droplets in aqueousdispersion and glycerol maintains the formulation of isotonic withblood.PH of the emulsion is adjusted with the base sodium hydroxideto around7 to 8.5 for optimal emulsion stability.

Propofol emulsion : Benzyle alcohol1.5 mg/ml and sodiumbenzoate0.7 mg/ml to inhibit the rate of growth of microorganismsup to 12 hours in the events of accidental extrinsiccontamination.

New preparation add EDTA .it works as anti micro bacterialactivity.

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