Dietary treatment of hypoglyce

Dietary treatment of hypoglycemia, and its related symptomsincluding irritability, headache, and confusion – 2-5 hours after ameal, is not characterized by which of the following?

a. 5 or 6 small, frequent meals daily to prevent symptoms

b. protein and complex carbohydrate snacks between meals

c. abundant intake of simple sugar foods such as candy, honey,energy drinks, and regular soda pop

d.emphasis on complex carbohydrate intake consumption of moresoluble dietary fiber moderation in alcohol and caffeine intake


Hypoglycemia is a condition where the body produces too muchinsulin that lowers the blood sugar level in body. It occurs after4 hours of a meal.

Option A : frequent meals with simple carbohydrate and proteincan increase the blood sugar level . Simple carbohydrate breaksquickly and produce energy quickly. So according to question it iswrong.

Option B : A complex carbohydrate meal and protein increases theblood sugar slowly. So taken these food ultimately keep a constantrate of sugar in blood which prevents the hypoglycemia. So it isalso wrong.

Option C: When hypoglycemia occurs body requires instant sugar .Instant sugar can be obtained from the food we eat. Candy, softdrinks, energy drinks contains processed sugar. Processed sugarwith abandant use is generaly avoid during hypoglycemia. Soaccording to question it is right.

Option D: Diet shoud be proper and balanced. A dietary fibrewith complex carbohydrate intake is healthy for hypoglycemiapatients. So it is wrong.

Moderation in alcohol and caffine intake also help to reduce thesymptom of hypoglycemia. So it is wrong.

So the right answer is option C.

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