Discuss a technical problem yo

Discuss a technical problem you have experienced with a device,equipment or vehicle in form of a story (one paragraph).

Note: you have to follow the problem solving checklist asfollows:

1. User’s observations

– nature of fault

– circumstances of faults

external factors

2. Process of elimination

3 – Identify the failure

4 – Determine action and urgency

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An All Terrain Vehicle was being manufactured by our college toparticipate in SAE BAJA. In the competition, there was a rule thatthe buggy shouldn’t crawl (crawling is the buggy moving immediatelyafter turning on the engine without pressing the acceleratorpedal). The drive train of the buggy is as follows. The engine isequipped with a CVT (Continuosly Variable Transmission) which isconnected to a reduction gearbox. The gearbox is connected toaxles, through which, the power is transmitted to wheels. Therewill be a spring in CVT, the tension in which we should adjust totune the CVT with max torque characteristics of the engine. On theday of testing, suddenly the buggy started to crawl. The entirecrew panicked. So, we decided to resolve. By normal inspection, wewere convinced that there was no issue at axles and reductiongearbox. So, there has to be an issue at CVT. We immediatelydisassembled the powertrain and removed the belt that connects thetwo pulleys of CVT. Then we started the engine again. We noticedthat the CVT was engaging to engine at lower rpms. With the help oftacometer, we realised that the CVT was engaging to the engine at1300rpm. But engine without any acceleration runs at 1500rpm. So,the CVT should engage to the engine at rpms higher than 1500,preferably 1800 rpm. So, that CVT engages to engine only whenaccelerated. After some discussion, we came to a conclusion thatthe tension in the spring of CVT might be altered because of anunknown reason and this is causing the CVT to engage at lower rpms.We immediately removed the CVT from the engine and opened the CVT.We noticed that the additional washers that were kept along withthe spring to keep it in tension were missing. We enquired about itand came to know that juniors who were asked to clean the buggy,the day before the testing as the area was full of dust and ourbuggy got dusted as well. The juniors removed each and every partof the buggy and cleaned it. Apparently they didn’t knew theimportance of the tension in the spring. So they thought that thewashers werent that important and removed them completely. Weimmediately kept new washers in the spring slot and assembled thebuggy. The buggys wasn’t crawling after that. We tested the buggysuccessfully.

1)Users Observations : The buggy started moving immediately theengine was turned on which is called crawling. It would bedifficult for the mechanics working on the track and on the wheelsif this happened. So, the authority considered crawling critical.Our Buggy was crawling

2) Process of elimination : We started analysing the core of theproblem. We knew that the problem is in drive train. So, we startedchecking the wheels, axles, reduction gearbox. After concludingthat they are all fine, we realised that the problem is in CVT.

3) Identify the failure : We realised that CVT is enaging toengine at lower rpms. We concluded that there could be a problemwith the spring. We opened the CVT and the washers weremissing.

4)Action and Urgency : We immediately replaced the washers andreassembled the buggy. If the buggy crawls, it would be verydifficult for the people working on it in the manufacturing stage.There was also a rule in the competition that the buggy shouldntcrawl.

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