Discuss Title I and Title II o

Discuss Title I and Title II of the DMCA, including the primaryprotections it provides for copyright material as well as theassociated penalties. Does it provide excessive power to copyrightholders? Provide your reasons.



The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is copyright lawwhich enacted in the USA and signed two WIPO treaties: WIPOcopyright and performance and phonogram treaty. The WIPO CopyrightTreaty (WCT) and the WIPO Performances and Phonograms Treaty (WPPT)both provide protection to their own work from unauthorizedaccess.

Title-1(“WIPO Copyright and Performances and PhonogramsTreaties

Implementation Act): According to this act, it ensures copyrightprotection and also the reasonable use of digital technology. TheWIPO treaties help to introduce some technical modifications andenacted a forbidden law under the Title 17 of the U.S. In this lawowner can protect their work to examine technology by usingcopyright. And another is that interfere with copyrighted materialor work. If someone infringing the copyright law shall be liablefor a penalty for that.

Title -|| (Online copyright infringement liabilitylimitations):

DMCA Copyright Act provides facility to avoid copyrightinfringement to online service providers. It enables to users andoperators to post all content such as music, video, text, pictureetc. on the website. It creates a certain limitation on copyrightinfringement liability.

DMCA has given excessive power to copyrightholder:

DMCA give excessive power to copyright holder because it playeda great role to increase internet and also it provides facility toexpress our expression online freely. It also promotes protectionagainst violating infringement work. And the copyright protectionpromotes the internet technology. Digital Millennium Copyright Actprovides that ISP can implement to grant protection from copyrightinfringement by their users. An infringing person shall be liablefor a penalty for that.

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