Do a google search and find ou

Do a google search and find out at least one way radioactiveisotopes are used in a medical setting to diagnose or treat adisease in a patient. Write the details about that radioactiveisotope and how does it work. What is the half life of thisradioactive isotope? Cite the references.


Radioactive isotopes can be used to diagnose or treat anabnormal condition in a person.Radiation therapy by gamma rays has been extensively used to killcancer cells.Radioisotopes are also used to sterilize surgical instruments.

Mechanism of function:1. They emit tractable radiation which helps them to use asprobes.2. High energy radiation emitted by nuclides can be used to killharmful cancerous cells.

Techniques based on radioisotopes:1. X-ray2. CT scan3. PET scan

The half-life of radio-isotopes used in medicine:1. Tc-99 = 6 hrsIt is used to image heart muscle, lungs, liver, and brain

2. Mb-99 = 66 hrsIt produces Tc-99

3. Co-60 = 5.26 yrsUsed in cancer therapy

4. I-131 = 8.02 daysUsed in thyroid therapy

References:1. Molecular imaging of cardiac remodeling after myocardialinfarction.Curley D, Lavin Plaza B, Shah AM, Botnar RM.

2. New radioactive tracer methods in clinical medicine.Belcher EH.

3. Radioisotope scanning in internal medicine.Ephraïm KH.

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