Explain the chemical nature of

Explain the chemical nature of storage fats in the body. How arethey stored (chemically), where are they stored (biologically).Explain the diversity in this group of molecules. Give a shorthistorical perspective on saponification reaction and how it wasused, starting supplies, etc.Why are the fatty acids referred to as salts? Which takes more NaOHfor complete saponification, 27 grams of olive oil, butter or lard?Since the same amount of NaOH, which soap should be more basic?Why?Discuss why fatty acid salts can act as soaps.Discuss the disadvantages of natural soaps.


1)Storage fats in the body are stored as triglycerides ,estersof glycerol and fatty acids.This is how they are stored chemicallyin the body in adipocytes or fat cells beneath the skin.Fats makeupthe cell membrane bilipid double layer of those cells,

2)Saponification is the making of soap,or sodium /potasium saltof long chain fatty acids ,so it is prepared when fats are reactedwith strong base sodium or potassium hydroxide.

Fats+NaOH –> Sodium salt of fatty acid +glycerol

3) Fatty acids with their carboxyl group -COOH having its H+being replaced by Na+ or K+ cation forms a salt of fatty acid ,asit is a neutralization reaction of acid and base NaOH/KOH formingsalt.

4) NaOH reacts with fatty acid in 1:1 molar ratio.

So, 27 grams of olive oil=27grams/molar mass of olive oil(oleicacid )

27 grams of butter=27grams/molar mass of butter(oleicacid+myristic acid+palmitic +stearic acid )

27 grams lard=27 g/molar mass oflard(palmitic+stearic+oleic+linoleic acid)

Almost same number of moles of fatty acids are present so samemolar amount of NaOH required for saponification.Soaps will beequally basic as the fatty acid content is the same for the fattyacid salt

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