Explain why the evidence given

Explain why the evidence given is not enough to inductivelysupport the conclusion in this case: “He has a high GPA. Mostpeople who successfully apply to business school have high GPAs. Sohe is very likely to get into business school.”


Why is the GPA so important?

Throughout your university education, your GPA is really theonly metric or calculation showing how good a student you are, andwhether you’ve been doing well during the degree programme.Although you will obviously know whether you’ve passed and excelledin your courses, your GPA gives a broader indication of youroverall grades and scores.

During your Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme, you will beasked to provide your GPA in certain situations. Here are a fewexamples:

  • Applying for a scholarship
  • Joining an organization or a club
  • Doing any extra-curricular activities
  • Applying for a graduate or post-graduate programme (Master’s,PhD)

In many ways, your GPA is the key used to unlock other excitingthings during your study. When organizations want to know what kindof student you are – whether you’re a hard-working, ambitiousstudent, or a slacker who is not excelling in his or her coursework– they rely on your GPA. Organizations, scholarship committees,clubs, and universities want high-achieving, hard-working students;so, they want someone with a high GPA.

Your GPA is important, but it isn’t everything

It may seem unfair that during your time at university, manypeople seem to only care about one number, rather than otherachievements that you may have during your academic career. Manystudents feel that, while their grades may be less-than-perfect,they still are hard-working, ambitious, and growing both personallyand academically.

Just because you have a low or below-average GPA, it does notmean you are not intelligent, or that you are not a hard-workingstudent. A low GPA can mean you took harder classes to beginwith.

It might also show that during some semesters, you were toodistracted or overwhelmed to complete your assignments in the bestway you could; or that you were figuring out how to be a universitystudent, and now you’ve finally figured out how to study.

Whatever the case is, your GPA is not an absolute indication ofyour worth as a student or whether you are smart enough forcollege.

Good online Masters that fit your GPA

You can find a lot of good universities offering online Mastersthat accept a wide range of GPAs. Here are a few academicinstitutions you can check out:

  • Walden University
  • Nottingham Trent University
  • RMIT University
  • Royal Roads University
  • The University of Exeter

Your GPA is merely a number

Employers and universities know this fact. So, when you’reapplying for a school or searching for a job, you will not only berequired to submit your GPA. You will also submit resumes, CVs,recommendations, writing samples, and test scores – other ways ofshowing and outlining your achievements and abilities as astudent.

Find Masters abroad

You have other chances to prove how ambitious, smart,disciplined, hard-working, and creative you are, and they don’t allcome down to a number. If your GPA is low, do not despair. Yes, itwill be used a lot during your time at university, and it isimportant. But it isn’t everything

So on the above main facts we concludedthat

This is not mandatory that Most people who successfully apply tobusiness school have high GPAs and very likely to get into businessschool.

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