For the following population d

For the following population determine if the population is inHardy-Weinberg Equilibrium. Round to two decimal places. AA: 15 Aa:22 aa: 63 What are the genotype frequencies? What are the allelefrequencies? What are expected/predicted genotype frequencies?



The calculated genotypicfrequencies are –

AA = 0.07

Aa = 0.38

aa = 0.55

The allelic frequencies of Aand a are 0.26 and 0.74 respectively.

The expected/ predictedgenotypes are-

AA = 7

Aa = 38

aa = 55

The calculated chi-squarevalue 17.04 is higher than the table value 3.84 at 1 DF (5%probability level). This significant deviation between observed andexpected value signifies that the population is not inHardy-Weinberg equilibrium.

All the calculation is givenbelow-

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