For the following questions, l

For the following questions, list the entire path for theindicated file. If you use the variables ORACLE_BASE orORACLE_HOME, be sure to list their values as well.

  • Find the location of the instance of your database (ORCL).
  • Find the location of the file init.ora .What purpose does this file serve?
  • Find the location of the files listener.ora and tnsnames.ora.Identify which file is on the client and which file is on theserver.
  • Find the location of the file sqlplus.exe .What purpose does this file serve?


Answer 1)

You can find your trace files in $ADR_HOME directory which is bydefault located at $ORACLE_BASE/diag, and the trace filedirectories for the instance are located at$ORACLE_HOME/diag/$ORACLE_SID. It can be found in the same level asthe bdump directory, udump directory, and cdump directory.

Answer 2)

In UNIX the default location of init.ora is$ORACLE_HOME/dbs>. Whereas in Windows we can find the same inthe location %ORACLE_HOME%\database.

Answer 3)

Init.ora is a file created by DBA and is responsible fordefining the overall instance configuration like file location,internal optimization parameter, and memory allocation for theinstance.

Answer 4)

By default, the tnsnames.ora can be found in the$ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory on both the client-side andthe server-side. Similarly, the listener.ora file by default islocated in the same $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin directory on bothsides.

Answer 5)

By default, the sqlplus.exe file should be located in the folderC:\oracle\product\10.2 in Windows.

Answer 6)

The file sqlplus.exe is an executable file on computer’sharddisk and contains the machine code.

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