Given a wall that is 36 feet l

Given a wall that is 36 feet long and 8 feet high calculate theheat loss per hour when the inside temperature is 70 degrees insideand 10 degrees outside.

The wall assembly consists of:

A = Face brick

B = 1” Polystyrene ins. board

C = 2 X 6 studs

D = Fiberglass batt ins.

E = ½” Sheet rock

F = Paneling


In construction industry, the problems of heat transfer aresolved by taking into consideration the R-values of materials usedfor construction. R-value is basically the measure of thermalinsulation in the house.

The R-values of materials in the wall assembly for the aboveproblem are:-

Face brick, R1 – 0.44Ft2*F*hr/BTU

1” Polystyrene ins. board,R2 – 5 Ft2*F*hr/BTU

2 X 6 studs, R3 – 6.85Ft2*F*hr/BTU

Fiberglass batt ins., R4 – 13 Ft2*F*hr/BTU

½” Sheet rock, R5 – 0.45 Ft2*F*hr/BTU

Paneling, R6 – 13.7 Ft2*F*hr/BTU

Total R- value = 39.44 Ft2*F*hr/BTU

Area = 36*8 Ft2 = 288 Ft2

Heat Loss/hr = (Area * Temperature difference) / TotalR-value

                        = [ 288* (70-10) ] / 39.44

                        = 438.13 BTU/hr

The heat loss per hour from the given wall is observed to be438.13 BTU/hr.

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