How does Lefevre suggest that

  1. How does Lefevre suggest that working conditions or workers’self-esteem could be improved? Are these suggestions relevanttoday?
  2. What does it mean for a worker to be “alienated from hisproduct”? Why does this happen? As a reminder, explanations have tobe in your own words. This answer should be at least fivesentences; the fact that workers are alienated from the product oftheir labor is the main point of the Marx reading.


Lefevre suggests that the working conditions needs to beimproved to improve the self esteem of the workers.Because wheneverthere is better division of labor there will be a easier workaccess to people and it will improve the efficiency andproductivity of the workers also.

This is relevant to the present situation also.The workingconditions have an direct impact on the self esteem on the peopleif the working conditions are improved it will boost up theconfidence and self esteem of the workers and will improve theefficiency and productivity.The division of labor can improve theproductivity and efficiency of the workers.With the help ofdivision of labor the complex or difficult activity is divided into parts and shared among the workers and this will make workeasier for the workers and they can improve their efficiency andthis will boost up their self esteem

The concept of workers to be alienated from his product can beexplained with the help of Marx theory of alienation.According toMarx due to capitalist mode of production the workers are exploitedby the capitalist.Capitalists are those who owns the means ofproduction.The workers are not given the entire profit that hasearned from the production.The workers are only given thesubsistence wages by the capitalist and the workers are made tofell alienated or foreign to their own products.In Marx theory ofalienation Marx explains four types of alienation of labor namelyi)alienation from the productivity of labor ii)alienation from theactivity of labor iii)alienation from ones own specific humanityiv)alienation from others.The first two alienation explanationexplains the concept of workers to be alienated from his ownproduct.Eventhough the workers are the one who produces the productthe ownership and control of the product is not in the hands of theworkers .The ownership and control of the products are in the handsof the capitalist.Due to capitalist mode of production the workerswill lose the ability to make decisions about their own actions,and they are deprived to own the goods and services they haveproduced by their own labour and they fell alienated with othersalso.The main objective of the capitalists was to make profit whichis termed as the surplus value in Marxian theory.The capitalistsmake surplus value by exploiting the workers.

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