If a small amount of p-divinyl

If a small amount of p-divinylbenzene is added to styrene, across-linked polymer can be formed. Show why this would be the casewith structures and brief mechanism. Predict how cross-linking ofthe polymer chains might change the polymer’s physicalproperties.


First, we discussed what is cross-linked polymer-

Atom bonded to polymer chain are called cross-linked.They formduring formation of polymerization of a monomer or in separatereaction after the formation of a polymer. If we talk aboutp-divinylbenzene has two alkene function groups, each of which canform a part of a different polymer by an additional polymerizationreaction . One alkene of p-divinylbenzene is incorporated in achain whose major components are styrene.

For mechanism-

1) Decomposition of initiator –

R2 2R

2) Initiation-


3) cross-linking-

Now come to how cross-linking chain change property asbelow-

DVB is an extreamely versatile cross-linking agent that improvepolymer properties.As a result, It has been used to manufactureadhesive, plastic, elastomer and ion exchange resins. A very smallamount of DVB is needed to improve physical and chemicalproperties.

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