if you can not find a commerci

if you can not find a commercial solid powder for any one of thechemicals above can you explain why it is not available? did youfind any suspicious product offering?


Ans. The following reasons prohibit a chemical from itscommercial availability in solid form-

I. The chemical does not exists in solid format room temperature: Many chemicals exits in liquid or gaseous format room temperature. So, these chemicals would not be available insolid from.

II. The chemical is extremely DANGEROUS: Manychemicals occurring in solid form at room temperature are extremelydangerous for common use. For example, explosives, toxins(cyanide), etc. Such chemicals are NOT commercialized for normaluse (through may be available to laboratories for research orindustrial purpose).

III. Chemicals of drug abuse: These chemicals are also notcommercialized for normal use.

# If #I chemicals are available in solid form, it’s possiblyadulterated and not in pure form.

# If #II and #III chemicals are available commercially, it’spossibly due to illegal supply of the item to the customers.

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