Impact of the topic”Leadership

Impact of the topic”Leadership and emotional intelligence” on goalsetting of an organisation

Reference to book “Leadership Today” by Joan Marques &Satinder Dhiman, Chapter 7 Pg 111
Please try to include contents of book as well as own opinionthis is for a essay.


Self-awareness is at the heart of it all. It describes yourability not only to understand your strengths and weaknesses butalso to recognize your emotions and their effects on theperformance of you and your team. To deliver the best in others,you must first bring out the best in yourself, which is whereself-awareness comes into play. One simple way to test yourself-awareness is to complete 360-degree reviews, in which youmeasure your results and then balance it against your boss ‘sviews, colleagues, and direct reports. Through this process, youwill gain insights into your own behavior and discover how theorganization perceives you.

Self-management refers to the ability to manage your emotionsand maintain a positive outlook despite setbacks, especially instressful situations. Leaders who lack self-management tend toreact and have more difficult time keeping their impulses undercontrol. A reaction is tendentially automatic. However the more youare in tune with your emotional intelligence, the easier you canmake the transition from reaction to reaction. It’s important toremember to pause, breathe, collect yourself and do whatever ittakes to manage your emotions whether it’s taking a walk or callinga friend so you can respond to stress and adversity moreappropriately and intentionally.

While understanding and managing your own emotions is important,you need to know how to read a room, too. Social awarenessdescribes your ability to recognize the emotions of others and thedynamics in your organisation’s play. Leaders who excell in empathypractice social awareness. They strive to understand the feelingsand perspectives of their colleagues which enables them tocommunicate and collaborate with their peers more effectively.

Leaders set organisation’s tone. If they lack emotionalintelligence, the consequences could be more far-reaching,resulting in lower employee engagement and a higher turnover rate.While you might technically excel at your job, if you are unable tocommunicate effectively with your team or collaborate with others,you will overlook those technical skills. You can continue toadvance your career and organisation, by mastering emotionalintelligence.

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