In generation 0, the allele fr

In generation 0, the allele frequency A1in aarmadillos population is 0.4. Within each generation, 10% ofindividuals in that population are migrants from a differentpopulation with an allele frequency of 0.6.

1. In generation 1 and 2 (the nextcouple generations), Calculate the frequency of A1

2. Is the change in allele frequencyin generation 2 equal, less than, or greater to the change ingeneration 1? Explain your answer

3. After many generations in thispopulation what will the allele frequency become?

4. What are some potentialoccurences or pressures that could happen on the population tocounteract the impact of gene flow (name at least two)? Explainyour answer.


1. let us consider a population of 100 people. so the number ofmigrants is 10

migration frequency m=10/100 =0.1

No. of A1alleles after migration = No. of A1 alleles fromresidents + No. of A1 alleles from migrants

= (Fraction of residents) (Population size) (Frequency of A1allele in residents) + (Fraction of migrants) (Population size)(Frequency of A1 allele in migrants)

= (1 ? 0.1)(100)(0.4) + (0.1)(100)(0.6) = 36+6= 42

frequency of A1 alleles= 42/100= 0.42

2.for the next generation , the allele frequency will increaseas we will consider the resident allele frequency as 0.42

(1 ? 0.1)(100)(0.42) + (0.1)(100)(0.6) = 37.8 + 6 =43.8

the sllele frequency will be 0.43,

Clearly the change is less than the change in the firstgeneration.

3. The allele frequency will become miday between the allelfrequencies of the residents and the migrants, that is 0.5, afterthat it will become stable and will be at equilibrium.

4.i) Natural selection

ii) geographical spaciation.

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