In the figure, a tin of anti-o

In the figure, a tin of anti-oxidants (m1 = 4.6 kg) on africtionless inclined surface is connected to a tin of corned beef(m2 = 2.5 kg). The pulley is massless and frictionless. An upwardforce of magnitude F = 5.8 N acts on the corned beef tin, which hasa downward acceleration of 5.8 m/s2. What are (a) the tension inthe connecting cord and (b) angle β?


Weight of the tin of anti oxidants will act verticallydownwards. Then dividing it into rectangular components with angleof inclination this tin as .

1st component: acting along the inclined surface towards the tinof corned beef,


2nd component: acting in perpendicular direction to the inclinedsurface,

(This component is balanced exactly by the normal reaction forceon the tin by surface)

Now let Tension in the cord be “T” and since cord issame hence it will be same for both cords. Also the cornedbeef tin is moving downwards with acceleration,

a= 5.8m/s2

SInce the system is connected thus acceleration ofanti-oxidant beef will be this only.

Considering the motion of anti-oxidant beef first, UsingNewton’s Laws of motion

Net Force on this tin,

Also we know that

thus we’ll have


Now considering the motion of corned beef tin,

  (SInceforce F acts on this tin in upward direction)

then using equation 1 in above,


Using all given values in above,






Now using equation 1,



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