In Unit 7, you will produce a

In Unit 7, you will produce a group project based upon yourassigned topic located in your team collaboration tab. Pleasereview the current literature and provide an article that relatesto your assigned topic. In this thread, please discuss how thisarticle will be beneficial to your assigned topic.

Assigned Topic Nursing Incivility

Possible article- Omari, M., & In Paull, M. (2015).Workplace abuse, incivility & bullying: Methodological &Cultural Perspectives


Nursing is a highly esteemed profession throughout the globe,butit happens that at most times nurses have to work in conditionswhere the emotions boil over and topple over.The acts of aggressionwhether be it verbal or physical are entirely against the code ofethics,as it has a drastic effect on the overall physical andpychological aspect resulting in poor quality of care.But thebitter truth is that there are no such serious federal staturesenacted to prevent such violations.Tackling workplace relatedviolence requires combined effort from the professionals and otherstakeholders so that such incidents could be reduced in thefuture.

Let us see how it can be prevented .The main motive behindprimary prevention is to prevent incivility,bullying and workplaceviolence.Secondary prevention reduduce the impact of the negativeactions,while tertiary prevention reduce negative consequences byreporting procedures and employer assistance and counselingprograms.Nurses should use the above said prevention measures whenexperiencing similar situation.Another approach is through roleplaying,workplace violence are enacted through roleplaying andsimulation.Conducting seminars to discuss about maintainingprofessional behaviour through conversations helps in promoting apositive attitude to conflicting situations.

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