Jenny is researching food port

Jenny is researching food portion sizes. During her research,she learned about the cause and effect relationships shared betweendifferent diets and their portion sizes. Which of the followingresearch methods determines cause and effect relationships innutrition?
Clinical trials
Correlation studies
Observational trials
Epidemiological studies
Plant studies


Clinical trials

These are the scientific studies. This is conducted to findbetter way to prevent, screen,diagnose or treat diseases.It is alsoused high quality data to take the better health care decision.

Eg:Testing the efficacy of a drug

2. Correlational studies

It is a non experimental research.In this type researchermeasures two variables and assess the correlation between them.

Eg:Correlation between cancer and marriage

3. Observational trials

These are the fundamental part of the epidemiologicalresearch.In this study researcher observes the individuals withoutany manipulation or intervention.Researcher observes the effect ofrisk factor, diagnosis or treatment with out changing anything.The2 types of observational studies are cohort study and case controlstudies.

Eg:Effect of eating organic foods on over all health

4. Epidemiological studies

Epidemiological studies are conducted to evaluate therelationship between the cause and effect.

Eg: Effect of smoking and lung cancer

5. Plant studies

Study of plants are called botony.It is a branch of biology.

As per the above given information the research methodexplains the cause and effect are epidemiologicalstudies

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