List some of the ethical dilem

List some of the ethical dilemmas that you faced in the study?Two of them discussed in detail.
It must be an answer consisting of 150 words
Study at a college or school



The biggest ethical dilemmas college students face at universitywill be dependent upon the student.

Students have to realize that they are now fully responsible fortheir actions.

So whatever they do with other people or to other people, theyare responsible.

So if you wind up in the court of law, you could press formitigating circumstances of stupidity, but that really doesn’t workall that well.

The ethical dilemma I had regarding college was taken out of myhands immediately when I was forced by my parents to go to college.I had no interest in it, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do(besides writing) and I was told more than once that writing had tobe a side-job, not a main one, because it doesn’t pay.

So I was forced to come up with other options, and I hated themall. I wanted to write. You don’t really need college to writesuccessfully, and I wish my parents had not forced me to go.Supporting me in what I wanted to do would have been a lot moreproductive and helpful for me.

Because I wasted forty thousand dollars and wound up standingnext to people who had full-on business degrees, making the samemoney they did in the exact same jobs. Unless you are going tocollege specifically to learn a skill that you are certain you willuse as a career for the rest of your life, you shouldn’t bothergoing. There are other ways to get to where you need to go, withoutputting yourself in a mountain of debt.

Another dilemma I faced, which is probably universal amongcollege students, was how to allocate my time and energy among themany learning opportunities available. These opportunities includedthe academic, of course, but also gaining social skills andmaturity in my first extended time away from family, exploration ofwhat I believe in and the ways that is reflected in my actions, anda growing consciousness of the nation and world as my extendedcommunity. One of my regrets is that I did not seek guidance andcounselling in how best to engage these opportunities, but tried todo it all on my own.

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