Most fad diets and supplements

Most fad diets and supplements are geared toward short-term,quick success, rather than life-long changes. Choose a fad diet(Atkins, for instance) or a popular dietary supplement (Plexus, forinstance). What are the basic claims of the diet or supplement?Discuss why or why not you think the fad diet or supplement youchose would work or not.


Any diet which tries to bring quick relief (from any illness ,toloss weight or gain weight,etc.,) with no standard recommendationsis termed to be fad diet.

Obesity has been a major problem worldwide, one of the mostpopular diet to reduce weight is Atkins diet. This is followed bymost of US and UK citizens who wants to loss weight. This dietcontains low carbohydrate. This diet though brings weight loss italso potentiates the risk for cardiovascular disease. The increasedlevel of fat can risk cardiovascular issues and increased proteinintake can lead to renal ,other metabolic problems. This can evenlead to headache,constipation or diarrhea,nausea,dizziness, musclecramps ,weakness when there is low carbohydrate intake. This maynot work well if discontinued because as per research statisticsthese people regain weight in about an year back.It is important toselect the right type of atkin diet variety.

The plexus is also a supplement which can reduce weightavailable in powder form. This is also called as pink drink It alsohas some long term effects like gastrointestinal disturbances. Thiscan work well with proper medical supervision and guidance.Otherwise can lead to ling term affects.

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