Need a Hair Cut Ltd. operates

Need a Hair Cut Ltd. operates a fleet of rental cars inKingsvilli. The company has determined that if a car is driven105,000 kilometres during a year, the average operating cost is12.665 cents per kilometre. If a car is driven only 70,000kilometres during a year, the average operating cost increases to14.5 cents per kilometre. Note: Please do not round the decimalplaces of cost per kilometre, which is 12.665 and 14.5 cents perkm.


  1. Using the high–low method, estimate the variable and fixed costelements of the annual cost of truck operation.
  2. Express the variable and fixed costs in the form Y =a + bX.
  3. If a rental car were driven 80,000 kilometres during a year,what total cost would you expect to be incurred?


KM Driven Average OpCost TotalCost
High LEVEL         105,000 12.665         1,329,825
Low Level           70,000 14.5         1,015,000
Change 35000 314825
1) Variable cost(Slope) = Change in TotalCost / Change in KM Driven
8.995 Per km
Total cost – Variable cost = Fixedcost
1329825 – (105000*8.995) = Fixedcost
Fixed Cost = $385,350
2) y = $385,350 + 8.995 X
4) Operating cost (80000 km ) =80000*8.995 +385350

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