One person comes from a cultur

One person comes from a culture that believes “We’re all human,aren’t we?” Another person comes from a culture that says “Statusis everything.” What problems might occur as these two individualstry to communicate with each other?


Communication is always between two people i.e one is sender andone is receiver or vice versa.Communication is incomplete till the other person whom with thecommunication is done didn’t understand the message what the senderwants to tell.In communication there are certain barriers due to which thecommunication between the two people gets affected.One of the barrier in communication is cultural barrier and in thegiven the case the communication between the two people have beenaffected by the cultural barrier. Cultural barrier is acommunication barrier arises when two people from two differentcultures tried to communicate with each other.

The problems that might occur when one person comes from aculture that believes “We’re all human, aren’t we?” Another personcomes from a culture that says “Status is everything.” are :-

  • Misunderstanding would get created between the two people andthey would never agree on one point.
  • They would not be able to negotiate with each other.
  • They would not be able to understand each others point.
  • Communication of different meaning of what one of them wants tosay and what the other understands might create ceaous amongthem.

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