Please provide one specific ex

Please provide one specific example of the compounds: properties,reactivity, reactions, spectroscopy and synthesis. Please writeclearly and legible

1. Pentane
2. Iodomethane
3. Epinephrine
4. 1,3 cyclohexadiene
5. Benzophenone
6. Benzoyl bromide
7. Phenol


1. Pentane is an inhert towards chemical reactivity except airoxidation. So it ot used as a solvent in chemical reaction. And forits high burinig tendency and produce large heat it is used as fuelas well.

2. Iodomethane is used as a source of methyl group in differentchemical reaction like grignard . it aslo used as pesticides.

3. Epinephrine . It is a hormone also known as adrenalin. Thishas various impact in varios medicinal application.

4. 1,3 cyclohexadiene . it is and important chemical forsynthetic chemist, In diles alder reaction it is used as dinophilein sixmember ring formation.

5. Benzophenone , It is also an important reagent in synthesislab . It is used in Di ol synthesis. benzophenone is also used as aindicator in solvent drying.

6. Benzoyl bromide : It is used as a source of benzoyl group inchemical synthesis. and various radical reaction it is goodreagent.

7. Phenol : it is a stating material of many synthesis even somedrug molecule like asperine . It is also named as carbolic acidused as pesticide.

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