Prepare a solution of tabletop

Prepare a solution of tabletop sweetener by weighingapproximately 400 mg of sweetener powder directly into a 10.00 mlvolumetric flask. Recorded the exact mass of the sugar used. Add 5ml of standard Aspartame solution to dissolve the powder and thenadd 2.00 ml of reagent. Finally, dilute to volume with water. Wait15 minutes and record the solution absorbance. Used the standardcurve to determine the mass of aspartame per gram of sweetener byapplication of Law. Will the student be able to determine thecorrect amount of Aspartame present in sugar sample? If not,why?


Ans. Yes, thestudent would be able to calculate the mass of aspartame present insugar sample.

It is the case of “Standard Addition method”.


Part 1: Calculate increase in [Aspartame] due tostandard addition (spiking)

Originalsolution: 400.0 mg sugar sample is dissolved in 10.0 mLvolume.

Spiked solution:5.0 mL standard aspartame is mixed with 400.0 mg tablet and dilutedto 10.0 mL solution. So, the spiked solution has higher [Aspartame]than that of the original solution.

Increase in [Aspartame] of spiked solution is given byC2 in –

           C1V1 (standard aspartame) = C2V2 (increased aspartame in spikedsolution)

           C1 x 5.0 mL = C2 x 10.0 mL

Since, standard [aspartame] = C1 = Known ; C2 can be calculatedfrom above expression.

Part 2: Let, Abs of original (un-spiked) sugarsolution = X

                      Abs of spiked-sugar solution = Y

           Increase in Abs due to spiking = Y – X

Since X and Y are experimentally determined, the increase in Abscan easily be calculated as (Y – X).


Since, the increase in Abs by (Y – X) units is solely due toaddition of Aspartame standard, an Abs of (Y-X) units isequivalent toC2”- the increase in[Aspartame] due to spiking.


           (Y-X) units Abs is equivalent to C2 aspartame

     Or, 1 unit-          –          –          [C2 / (Y-X)]

     Or, Xunits-          –          –          [C2 / (Y-X)] x X

In the above expression all the variables (C2, X and Y) areknown. SO, concentration of aspartame in the original sugarsolution is determined as “[C2 / (Y-X)] xX”          

# Once [aspartame] inoriginal solution is known, the mass of aspartame and relativeamount per unit mass of sugar tablet can also bedetermined.

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