Production Budget Aqua-pro Inc

Production Budget

Aqua-pro Inc. produces submersible water pumps for ponds andcisterns. The unit sales for selected months of the year are asfollows:

Unit Sales
April 189,000
May 231,000
June 210,000
July 252,000

Company policy requires that ending inventories for each monthbe 25% of next month’s sales. However, at the beginning of April,due to greater sales in March than anticipated, the beginninginventory of water pumps is only 21,000.


Prepare a production budget for the second quarter of the year.Show the number of units that should be produced each month as wellas for the quarter in total.

Aqua-pro Inc.
Production Budget
For the Second Quarter
April May June Total
Desired ending inventory
Total needs
Less: Beginning inventory
Units produced


Aqua-Pro Inc
Production Budget
For the Second Quarter
April May June Total
Sales $                        1,89,000 $            2,31,000 $         2,10,000 $                  6,30,000
Add:Desired EndingInventory $                           57,750 $               52,500 $            63,000 $                  1,73,250
Total Inventory required $                        2,46,750 $            2,83,500 $         2,73,000 $                  8,03,250
Less:Beginning Inventory $                         -21,000 $              -57,750 $          -52,500 $                 -1,31,250
Purchases $                        2,25,750 $            2,25,750 $         2,20,500 $                  6,72,000

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