Q1. a. List and discuss the th

Q1.a. List and discuss the three basic types of engineeringproduction.b. List the role of Quality Control and Inspection during themanufacture of a product.c. List any two reasons why automation is preferred for a modernmanufacturing concern.d. List any two factors that compel industrial outlets to computersin design, manufacturing andallied services.


A) 3 basic types of engineering productions are

1)Job production: Under this methodnon-standardized products are produced in accordance with theorders received from the customers. As each product is non-standardized varying in size and nature, it requires separate jobfor production. The machines and equipment’s are adjusted in such amanner so as to suit the requirements of a particular job.

Job production involves intermittent process as the work iscarried as and when the order is received. It consists of bringingtogether of material, parts and components in order to assemble andcommission a single piece of equipment or product.

Ship building, dam construction, bridge building, book printingare some of the examples of job production. Third method of plantlayout viz., Stationery Material Layout is suitable for jobproduction.

2)Batch production: Batchproduction pertains to repetitive production. It refers to theproduction of goods, the quantity of which is known in advance. Itis that form of production where identical products are produced inbatches on the basis of demand of customers’ or of expected demandfor products.

This method is generally similar to job production except thequantity of production. Instead of making one single product as incase of job production, a batch or group of products are producedat one time. It should be remembered here that one batch ofproducts may not resemble with the next batch.

Under batch system of production the work is divided intooperations and one operation is done at a time. After completingthe work on one operation it is passed on to the second operationand so on till the product is completed. Batch production can beexplained with the help of an illustration. An enterprise wants tomanufacture 20 electric motors.

3)Mass production : It is also known as flowproduction or continuous production, is the production of largeamounts of standardised products, including and especially onassembly lines. Together with job production and batchproduction.

The concept of mass production are applied to various kinds ofproducts, from fluids and particulates handled in bulk (such asfood, fuel, chemicals and mined minerals) to discrete solid parts(such as fasteners) to assemblies of such parts.

B) Role of quality control in manufacturing

1)Quality control ensures customers receive products free fromdefects and meet their requirements

2)greater consistency in the quality of products andservices

C) Advantages of automation

1)It increase productivity because it provides fast &accurate process.

2) Automation is generally considered to be aneffective way of achieving cost reductions in terms of reducedlabor costs, decreasedcycle times and increased quality.

D) Computer in design and manufacturing

1)Linkage of equipment with manufacturing process.

2)Computers makes process faster and provide efficientprocess.  

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